Project Description


Is your door warped, split or fallen? Are the hinges in need of replacement or repair? Have you recently experienced an attempted burglary that has damaged your door? Do you need urgent, temporary burglary repairs or longer term preventative reinforcement? Do you need to improve the fire proof rating of your doors or take precautionary measures to stop small fingers getting trapped between doors and frames?

We provide door repairs, reinforcements and enhancements for timber, glass, steel, and UPVC frames and doors, including re-hinging and steel sheeting. Keys247 has the experience and expertise to provide the door repair solution that’s just right for you and your property. We’ll despatch an expert at short notice and can arrange ongoing quick-response contracts for landlords and other commercial organisations.

Conveniently Located Locksmiths that get the Job done

We all know accidents happen- it´s part of human nature! Running late; your dog is in the way and the coffee is already cold! In all this hustle and bustle forgetting to take the keys and now you are locked out! You don’t have the nerves to deal with lousy an unprofessional locksmiths. Neither, have the time for them to arrive. Because they are located several miles away from you! Close to losing your mind when…wait! You remember about Key247 and their 24-hour emergency locksmith services. Who has shops situated all over the United Kingdom! Places all around you like West Hampstead, Islington, Muswell Hill, Winchmore Hill, Wood Green. Not to mention, East London, Walthamstow, Hammersmith, Central London, Bromley Kent and many, many more! Take the phone out, type “Emergency Locksmith Near Me” and you find us easily and effortlessly!

Require door/window/garage lock Maintenance?

Key247 provides excellent customer service, fast and efficient repair and maintenance. And the best part is- we are Also our reliable locksmiths will reach in only 20-30 minutes away from you! Your safety is our highest priority and as such we are dedicated. a to doing our very best to ensure that you and your family feel safe at home. We are aware that emergencies arise sometimes, so we heard your pleas. And. now, we are there for you 24 hours a day, every day, near you. Maintenance is highly important as such ensuring door locks and alarm safety systems are up-to-date and in great condition. Nevertheless, we are committed to you. Keys247 locksmiths are well trained, maintaining your locks on both doors as well as windows. Among our many services offered. We also carry door closing devices.

Why do you need alarm system upgrades and door lock maintenance?

Dedicated to looking after the safety of your family is of utmost importance to us. Ensuring the community’s protection is our goal. With regular maintenance check-ups and a few quick fixes and upgrades to the alarm systems. With door locks, we guarantee a peace of mind. And with our fast 24-hour emergency locksmith services we make sure you never need to worry about your safety! The more care is taken for alarm systems and door locks- the more value will be gotten out of them! Our reasonable prices correspond perfectly to the value we provide. But we strongly believe that maintenance is key to the longevity of our products!

Home and Businesses Master Lock

There should always be a sense of safety in door locks. Professional Locksmith renders excellent service when it comes to door closing devices. Amidst all, Keys267 is the best service provider in and around London. Master locks prevent burglars from entering. And by extension a hefty burglary repair cost. Securing your assets and home cannot be overemphasized. 24 hours of your day, the locksmith and staff seek to protect and bring comfort to the residents in and around London. Our 24 hour emergency locksmith stands by, to service your locks within 20 minutes. We are your local locksmith repair service provider.

Don’t Forget the Door Closing Devices!

Door closing devices are used daily. Not caring for them or ignoring their maintenance can cause damage. Not only to door closing device but also to door as well. We encourage you to take care of all door closing devices and to contact us when need a quick check-up or maintenance routine.

The Keys247 locksmith is right around the corner especially when a door closing device needs installing.

Call us today to get a free quote and advice on your security. We have flexible charges suitable for all budgets. We offer all kinds of home security services within and around the London area.

Our years of experience and track records speak for us. Why not check us out, we install the best quality door closing devices around. We offer a wide range of services and carry locks for all type doors.

Call us today to experience our professional locksmith services. You can get your quote on the go via phone conversation or choose to visit one of our local offices near you.