Project Description

The Need for Locking Systems

Security requirements for different kinds of premises vary. A locking solution for your home’s front door or service door may not fit the demands suited to a workplace. Places such as retail stores, offices and operational departments, hotels or hospitals call for a more suitable lock and key systems. To ensure that their security capabilities are well adapted to the setting. Our market-tested partners offer a comprehensive array of locking systems for all property types. We can work with your desire to guarantee emergency exits that are health, safety, and fire compliant. Worrying about whether the locking system will be insurance compliant? Worry no more. Stop the constant nagging feeling that your locks may not surmount the issues of the modern times. Making you feel less safe where you need it most. You may want to look for ways to update your lock system. We can replace old or damaged locks into a better and more efficient security source. Here at Keys247, we can also ensure that your keys and locks are safe and restricted to avoid unauthorized copies.

Upgraded Security Features within your Reach

Entrusting us as your partner in providing better locking systems is essential. No need to fuss over separate service providers. Only Keys247 will come to your aid and assess your needs. And finally give you the well-crafted, perfect solution. All in one place. Locking systems that are more adapted to keep up with the times are available. We are here to provide you versatile ways that are both functional and convenient.

Upgrading will give you tangible advantages over your ordinary mechanical locks. And it is best to understand their features which we will be happy to discuss with you. Be it entryways with card access usually for hotels and proximity lock or timed entry lock systems. These advanced locks can give you control and flexibility on who has access to it. Futuristic right? Imagine using your fingerprints instead of keys. We would gladly do it for you the professional way. These said systems would supplement your traditional locks. If not replace them altogether. Providing you tailored security solutions that is paramount. After all,

These said systems would supplement your traditional locks. If not replace them altogether. Providing you tailored security solutions that is paramount. After all, peace of mind and convenience is what you deserve. Our team will give you a talk about advantages of these new technologies. These and so much more are in store for you. And if you think looking for the right locking system for your requirements is hard, contact us today. You will be surprised that it couldn’t be easier than that. And become one of the growing numbers of clientele impressed with our services.

Types of Locking Systems (No more keys; door mounted; durable)

Card access or proximity locks, timed entry locks

– The system uses an embedded access code on the key card magstripe.
– Gain access by tapping on the proximity reader or on other partner devices such as swipe reader by swiping or insert reader by inserting the card.
– Can be activated or deactivated for or from different access points
– Can give restrictions on the time it can be accessed, levels of access or maximum number of unlocks

Digital Keypad Door Locks

– Best for people who find it difficult using keys
– Uses buttons, entering a preset code to gain access
– It will automatically turn off and sound an alarm after a preset number of wrong combinations

Biometric Locks

– Uses fingerprint or face detection to access
– Has an optical or thermal scanner to memorize and identify your unique characteristics
– Plus an additional security feature wherein you type an authentication code into the keypad
– Can also be used on safes
– Has an alarming option