Project Description

Lock Repairs and Replacement

We do take good care of our investments. But over time, the inevitable happens. Our doors, particularly the locks are subjected to wear and tear. We cannot stop it from happening. And when it strikes you feeling they were no good for your safety anymore. It’s time to call Keys247 for your lock repairs and replacement needs. What’s more is that our services are not only for residential. Commercial and automotive services are also in our line of quality assistance.

Natural incidents like when your door is jutting out of its place or otherwise stuck. Instances when it would not lock anymore because the lock has come apart from its place. Whether it’s a jammed or broken lock… trust that we know the drill. You will never even have the dilemma of thinking how or where you lost your keys. Our emergency locksmith service is on hand to deal with it. Unfortunate events like burglary or break-ins now come with a quick solution. We may even have the repair and replacement better than the pre-loved locksets before. Our proficiency on repairs and replacements is not only for your door types. We also cater to lots of varieties of windows, safes and more.

Keys247 has the most extensive offering of lock repairs and replacements round the clock. That is 24 hours day and night. Whether you are planning ahead on reinforcing or emergency repair and replacement. Prompt and efficient service awaits clients in and around London.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of services do Keys247 offer?

Ans. Door installation, repairs, and reinforcement, 24-hour emergency response, Locksmith services, Alarms systems, Lock repair, replacement and maintenance among others.

2. What kinds of the door do you service on?

Ans. Timber, glass, steel, uPVC or just any other kind you have.

3. What type of locks can be used to replace my front door?

Ans. You have the option of replacing it with traditional mortise locks. Or you may also consider availing an upgraded locking system more suited to your needs.

4. What are locking systems?

Ans. It is the kind of security without the mechanical process of locks that we are used to. Your keys will be a thing of the past anymore. Samples of these systems are the Card access proximity or timed entry locks. To the more tech-savvy digital and biometric systems.

5. I am completely clueless about locking systems. How would I use it?

Ans. Rest assured that we would not leave you behind during the entire process. Our team of friendly technicians will be glad to discuss with you every aspect of the upgrade.

6. Who can I hire to install my doors or locks?

Ans. Our professional team of locksmiths will deliver the job to you in a prompt and proficient way. Keys247 is dedicated to providing the highest standards of locksmith services. Highly reliable and guaranteed satisfaction every time.

7. Are services reasonably priced?

Ans. Yes indeed. Our prices provide the most cost-effective and competitive rates in the market today. Please refer to our list of simple services for pricing. You may also get in touch with us to get a complete list of services and prices.

8. I locked myself out of the house at 3 AM. Can I get help? If so, how long will I wait?

Ans. That is why we are here for. Day or night. Literally 24 hours a day. You can expect us to be at your service in 15 to 25 minutes upon call.

9. Can I find a Keys247 local locksmith near me?

Ans. Of course. We ensure that our master locksmiths are well within your area. Thereby making them ready to assist you on the appointed time if not the soonest. We cover every corner of London, from the inner to the outskirts.

10. Do you charge for an inquiry?

Ans. Absolutely zero call out charges. But wait there’s more! It comes with a free estimate. Expect a fair price quote with no hidden charges.

11. I am looking for a specific brand of hardware. Can you provide and install it as requested?

Ans. We are in partnership with most of the best brands in the market. Union, Yale, Ingersoll, Mul-T-Lock to name a few.

12. Do you accept credit cards?

Ans. For your maximum convenience, we accept all major credit cards.