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Efficient and Affordable Bailiff Services

Secure your property and take back what is rightfully yours. Key 247 services are authorized to offer Bailiff Services. We are experienced and well positioned to offer efficient and affordable bailiff services. Our costs are affordable with high success rates. Our services cover London and the London outskirts. The result is usually felt within 24 to 48 hours across all the provinces. Contact us today for efficient and affordable services in the following fields:

  • Civil enforcement services
  • House recovery
  • Tenant Default services
  • Towing and storage services
  • Security upgrade services
  • Garage owners Lien

We combine personalized, respective and discreet services with affordable pricing. We are experienced in British government bailiff and license. Our long chain of clients includes top-ranking financial institutions, law firms, and credit union. Our businesses are kept private and our costs very affordable.

An Effective Civil Enforcement Services in Central London and the Outskirts

With over 15 years of Bailiff Services in Civil Enforcement Services, we operate in central London and the outskirts. We have highly trained experts in the field of recovery and bailiff services. Our members of staff if well trained in civil enforcement matters. They work in accordance with state laws and client’s needs.

When you work with experts, there are some benefits attached:

Dedicated bailiff managers: from assignment to recovery, transport to sale our manager take charge of every detail for you.

Large connected staff: we have staff scattered all over London and across the outskirts. You don’t need to travel to monitor your assets. We can always re-deploy a fresh set of staff close to your area to handle your requests. This connection usually takes a few hours and not days or weeks.

We can help you locate a lost asset: with our tracking services, locating lost assets is an easy tax. We deploy all our resources to ensure we secure your lost assets.

Effectively secure your property after recovery from a defunct tenant: After successful recovery of a property, the next step is security. Keys247 offer security services to ensure your property is secured. Our emergency locksmith services are open 24 hours a day.

There are cases where the tenant leaves without returning the keys. Thanks to our residential locksmith services, reclaiming your home is what we do best. Some landlord is really handicapped when faced with such situation. Finding solution is poses a lot of problem to some landlords.

Commercial Rent Services

Under the rent distress Act of the British Columbia, a Landlord has the right to employ the services of a bailiff to collect rent as at when due. Our professionals are trained to employ best services in discharging their duty. We ensure to adhere to our client’s instructions concerning rent recovery. In line with client’s instruction, we collect rent as at when due. You can choose whether to allow a tenant to continue business or not after rent expires. Whichever decision you make is ours to carry out. We help you to achieve the most cost-effective and best resolution between you and your tenant.

Personal Property Repossession

Often times, landlords lose their houses to financial institutions in form of collateral. Other times it in the pursuant of a mortgage. If you find yourself in such situations, just contact us. Our experts are ever ready to offer you advice and help you reclaim your property in no time.

Reclaiming properties involves some technicalities that require the services of a professional. This is why you need an experienced bailiff service like Keys247. With over 15 years of services in the field, we have the best hands to help you with all kinds of situation.

Call us for Free Access to Information

Are you looking for a helping hand with difficulties associated with civil law? Ensure to contact us today to assist you as pertain you and your business. We also offer a free call out services. Our lines are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

We are equipped with the tool and always make out time for our clients. Customer satisfaction is our goal. Our customers’ testimony speaks for us.

Our services are transparent and our rates remain the same. Whether you request a quote via phone call or walk into our local offices, there are no hidden charges.