Project Description

Keys247 Door Closing Devices

We as a company strongly believe in the necessity of a person to feel safe and protected within their home. Our core values are to ensure that your home sweet home and your loving family is protected at all times! Our professional and fully trained staff with years of experience in the field of security and customer service can provide you with well build and well-designed upvc doors, door locks, window locks, security alarm systems and door closing devices. With a 24-hour service and for as little as 20-30 minutes you could have your home transformed into a well-guarded castle.

Door Lock Replacements

We all know the struggle when the door lock needs replacement or you just locked yourself outside. Sometimes, forgetting your key in the keyhole (sadly, on the inside) and it takes forever for the locksmith to respond. With the added frustration your phone is ringing off the hook inside. Despite the anger, our locksmiths can help out with the door closing device. No one wants to stand at their doorstep for ages! Well, that will no longer be a problem! With our local locksmiths situated in your surrounding areas you could relax and allow our quick and efficient professionals to give you a hand in your hard times. Did we mention that we also work all day every day?

Key247 is always there for you! And while we can ensure that no burglar will ever be able to simply unlock your door, we are well aware that they will try anyways. Door damage, scratches and dents may occur, but we got you on this one also! With our professional locksmith burglary repairs and replacement locks services for your door closing device we can ensure that you no longer have to worry about those small casualties turning into something of significant importance.

Does your door/window/garage lock require maintenance?

Key247 provides you with excellent customer service, fast and efficient repair and maintenance and the best part is- we are only 20-30 minutes away from you! Your safety is our highest priority and as such we are dedicated to doing our very best to ensure that you and your family feel safe at home. We are aware that emergencies arise all the time, so we heard your prayers and we are there for you 24 hours a day, every day near you. Maintenance is highly important so that you can ensure that your door locks and alarm safety systems are up-to-date and in great condition.

Why do you need alarm system upgrades and door lock Maintenance?

Looking after your safety and the safety of your family is of utmost importance to us and we believe it is for your too! With regular maintenance check-ups and a few quick fixes and upgrades on your alarm systems and door locks we bring you peace of mind. And with our fast 24-hour emergency locksmith services we make sure you never need to worry about your safety! The more care you take for your alarm systems and door locks- the more value you will get out of them! Our reasonable prices correspond perfectly to the value we provide but we strongly believe that maintenance is key for the longevity of our products!

Don´t forget the door closing devices!

Door closing devices are heavily used in the modern world and not caring for them or ignoring their maintenance can cause damage not only to your door closing device but also to your door as well. Unpleasant noises and slow opening can be experienced if maintenance is neglected. We encourage you to take care for your door closing devices and to contact us if you need a quick check-up or maintenance routine.

Now, if you need us to upgrade your alarm system or door locks or you just need a quick maintenance routine for your closing devices, give us a call! We are just around the corner!

Our Locksmiths are Happy to Assist

A family is a blessing! And yours just seemed to welcome a new member! A husband, a wife or a new roommate the terror with making duplicates begins! You are a busy working and ambitious person and we respect that! Our key cutting services specialized for your door closing device are always on the spot waiting for you to simply drop your key with us and then after work come back and collect your original key and perfectly made duplicate. You are more than welcome to visit us even in the middle of the night, when you decided to take a stroll around London and you forgot you left your significant other without a key. Yikes!